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As a parent, ensuring the safety and well-being of your children is your topmost priority. At Nurtured Connections, we share this sentiment which is why our comprehensive screening process is designed to be exceptionally meticulous.

Leveraging our unique 10-Point Nanny Screening Process and our team of experts, we promise to thoroughly assess every candidate before they are even considered for a role.


10-Point Screening Process

1. Application Review:

An initial screening of applications to assess qualifications, experience, and the potential fit for specific family needs.

2. Preliminary Interview:

A one-on-one interview to delve deeper into the nanny's background, child care philosophy, and career goals.

3. Reference Check:

Contacting previous employers to verify the nanny's work history, reliability, skills, and attitude towards child care.

4. Criminal Background Check:

A thorough check for any criminal history to ensure the safety of your family.

5. Driving Record Check:

An examination of the candidate's driving record, particularly important if the nanny will be tasked with transporting your children.

6. Social Media and Online Review:

A review of the nanny's online presence to look for any potential red flags or behaviors that might be incompatible with the values of your family.

7. Childcare Skills Assessment:

A practical evaluation of the nanny's skills in areas such as early education, nutrition, safety, and handling emergencies.

8. In-Person Interview or Trial Period:

An opportunity for the family and the nanny to interact in a real-world setting, assessing compatibility and observing the nanny's interaction with the children.

9. Verification of Certifications:

If required, checking the authenticity of any relevant certifications such as CPR, First Aid, or early childhood education.

10. Health Check:

To ensure the nanny is up-to-date on immunizations, particularly ones relevant to working closely with children.

This thorough process helps ensure that the nanny is well-vetted, reliable, and a great fit for your family's unique needs and dynamics.

Let the experts simplify your search

Click below to tell us more about your family's specific needs so we can pair your with your ideal nanny.


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